Fixing rear view mirror to car windscreen – what glue ?

VW Sirocco – rear view mirror got knocked off.

Tried the pads you can get from Halfords etc.
Yes I cleaned both surfaces with acetone and warmed up the surfaces – it still only stayed stuck for a week or two.

It seems the contact area is a bit small for this method of attachment, when driving the “give” in the pad allows the mirror to wobble a bit, and after a week or so it falls off.

I reckon I need a thin glue like, but not, Super Glue ( tried Super Glue – that didn’t work )

Tried Evo Stick Impact adhesive – no good.
Tried Epoxy glue – no good.

Any suggestions folks ?

John in Chester
I found this stuff = Loctite 319 Rear View Mirror Bonder – and that was after phoning Halfords to ask if they sold a glue for the purpose and being told they did not. Their website said they do, so on ringing back and quoting the part number, they DO have it – The muppets wasted an hour of my time with duff info !!!! – so far the points will go to Kevin Friend though for useful info :)

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13 Responses to Fixing rear view mirror to car windscreen – what glue ?

  1. De Deuce

    Go to an auto parts store and ask the counterman for rearview mirror adheasive. It is made JUST for that purpose. Be CERTAIN to follow the direction COMPLETELY.

  2. PhantomBantam

    LOCTITE Loctite Mirror Adhesive for Rearview Mirror

  3. Jack S

    Step one: remove all pads, clean both surfaces.

    Step two: purchase COMPOND epoxy (you’ll find these large syringes with two stems at the hardware store) or gorilla glue as a last resort.

    Step three: follow the directions exactly. If you buy the compound epoxy, make sure you dispose of it properly, as it has a tendency to heat up because of it’s chemical reaction and could possibly start a fire in whichever trash can you place it in.

  4. maca

    I agree with first answer although I had excelent result with a good brand super glue providing the the area is clean and not cold outside

  5. DAVE D

    believe it or not the windscreen on a car is porous if you have used super glue it has gone in the screen, you will have to clean it and clean it again and again,

    then clean it again
    make sure it is a very dry day
    and clean it again

    then try and stick it with a mirror pad

    don’t forget to clean the mirror you want to stick as well

  6. kevin friend

    there is a glue for the job, but its expensive, im glad the superglue didnt work because in the summer when the screen expands in the heat it will send a crack down your screen because the superglue wont expand with it, pop down to your nearest windscreen dealership RAC Autowindscreens is who i work for, we put the odd one on that has fallen off, it takes around 10 minites and all our work is guarenteed for 5 years, we used to charge £7.50 + vat, but if you keep purchasing different glues it will cost you a lot more than that and nothing readily available in halfords or whereever is suitable for the job, the twin part glue we use cost us £22 per pack because its a special product for the job, for your local windscreen depot call 0800 919700, this is not something we would come out and do though, and our depots close at 12 noon on a saturday so you will need to hurry, if not it will have to be a week day

  7. allangate

    Evo stick – serious stuff.
    It comes in a black mastic type tube. Don,t ever expect to get the mirror off again thou

  8. Dad's found yer scoo'er

    There is a specific superglue for the job also tucked away in Halfords. It’s called Loctite glass or something similar. Worked on my Audi for 1000′s of miles until the poor old bus met the crusher.

  9. Susan T

    Of you you to your main dealers, they will sell you the same type of double sided sticky patch that the manufacturer used when he put the mirror on in the factory. It should cost around £1 or less

  10. ANDRA S

    The method of fixing the mirror should be that used by the manufacture, I’d talk to the main dealer.

    It’s also usual to have a black patch on the screen where the mirror attaches, it’s to stop UV attacking the adhesive. Some cheap screens don’t have it.

  11. bad bob

    try attaching your mirror to a suction cup try that

  12. cat lady

    Get the one that is called Rear-view Mirror Adhesive. Follow the instructions to the tee. Make sure you are only gluing the metal piece on and not the whole mirror as the weight will cause it to fall. Let it cure for 6 hours. Works best in low humidity. Then slide the mirror back onto the metal piece.

  13. caveman

    Try NAPA website for glue, if in the states or try a national company where you are!

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