what should the tyre pressure be on a r reg vw polo 1.4?

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7 Responses to what should the tyre pressure be on a r reg vw polo 1.4?

  1. eckopariah

    There should be a sticker on the inside of the door, or on the inside of the trunk that tells you tire pressure info, vehicle load info, vehicle weight, and more. Tire pressure should usually be around 30-35 PSI, but again, check your vehicle info card.

  2. kelly_f_1999

    and that is only a recomened pressure and still up to driver to watch tire wear and adjust pressure for wear and rotate type into search box
    how to read tire wear
    tire presure year model of car

    and evry thing that is recomended is just that a recomended still up to driver to look for signs
    each person drive different and tires can be different brands roads you drive on different how many or how much weight you carry all depends on how the tires wear sticker on door is a starting point tire guy 40 yrs

  3. John D

    The tires you have on the vehicle should give you the recommended pressure, speed rating, and weight rating information on the tire itself.
    Different tires require different tire pressures for different applications.

  4. arnie74

    30 psi front and rear

  5. CDC

    Check the vehicle handbook if you have it.
    Check for a sticker in the door recess.
    Check on-line here http://www.thetyrepressuremonitor.com/locate.asp?action=browse

  6. mark m

    28 PSI front and back.

  7. the Horses Butt

    printed on a sticker in the glovebox in most cases, sometimes on the door edge otherwise ask to see anothers owner manual. Maybe 28PSI area.

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