VW polo flywheel broken should I just Scrap the car?

Hello I’ve just taken my car to the garage and have found out that as well as the clutch having gone the flywheel also doesn’t work. Before I took my car to the garage the car was not really reving past about 2000rpm in 3rd and 4th gear under anything but incredibly light acceleration do you think this is because of the flywheel (I just assumed that it was the clutch which I knew was defiantly broken)

My car is a P reg volkswagen polo 1.9 liter diesel and has done 96000 miles. As well as the flywheel the clutch needs replacing and the steering is terrible which I think might be a suspension problem and there is a very large dent on the front left wheel arch all of this will probably cost above £600+ to fix do you think I should just scrap the car or should I get it fixed. I do have a bit of spare cash which I could buy a replacement car with. Also any thoughts on what would be the best car I could get for around £1000. Sorry for the incredibly long question any help would be really appreciated. thanks

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8 Responses to VW polo flywheel broken should I just Scrap the car?

  1. Laughing Out Loud


  2. DMJ

    I got two “P reg” peugeot’s”.
    As long they running (great).
    But you have to draw a line to value of the car & running costs.
    Perhaps changing is a good option.
    To buy a car.
    All the models are quite a good name now.
    “volkswagen” have a good name etc.
    I like “peugeot’s”. (1.9dt & 2.1dt)

  3. Gary F

    few options you have.

    1. scrap the car its only worth about £500 so not really worth repairing.
    2. would you consider finance? vauxhall offer a service where you could buy an eco friendly car and they will give you £1000 for you part ex as scrap. and your £1000 u have would be a good deposit.
    3. like you suggested buy a cheap run around. my advice would be to get a japanese car if that is all the money you have as they will run better and last you a long time.

  4. Antheus

    the repair is pretty high and milage also…time for something else…scrap the car and get a Vauxhall corsa(or opel)if you want something small
    I’m sayng to go for the vauxhall couse they are pretty cheap to buy and also the parts for them are cheaper than VW

  5. rhyswebb94

    Yeah because the car probably isn’t even worth that amount of money. Although you might only get a little bit under £100 you might as well get rid of it

  6. esmerelda v

    This car is not worth spending £600+ on.

  7. hot sausage

    Time to say Goodbye.

  8. Replica

    Broken flywheel? How do you break a flywheel? It is just a solid steel disk that bolts to the crankshaft and against which the clutch plate runs.

    After saying this, I think you have committed yourself to this garage and it would be difficult to take the car away and get a second opinion or repaired by someone else. A repair at that price does not generally make it advisable to keep the car, unless, it is in excellent nick and you intend running it for a few more years. I think you should base your decision on this, bearing in mind that you could well buy another second hand car and be faced with similar costs shortly thereafter for repair. In which case you would be worse off.

    Good luck on your decision

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