VW Polo 1999 makes a scraping noise – please help me identify it!?

My 1999 VW Polo is making a metalic scraping noise which I would really like to fix! Here are the details:
- It is proportional to the speed of the car (I think to the rotational speed of the wheels)
- It is not proportional to the engine revs
- It does not stop when I press the brake pedal
- When I press the clutch it quietens quite a lot but does not completely stop
- It doesn’t seem to come or go with cornering

My on conclusions from the above are that it is somewhere in the transmission/wheels after the gearbox; possibly a brake disc (but why would it not go away when the brakes are engaged?!?)

Any help would be much appreciated!


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3 Responses to VW Polo 1999 makes a scraping noise – please help me identify it!?

  1. Richard C

    My first thoughts are that you have a problem with the clutch release bearing (sometimes called the throwout bearing) The clue is that you say when you press the clutch pedal it quietens down a lot.
    Again, a similar noise could be a brake pad worn down to the metal backing, and grating against the disc. As the pad’s “clearance” to the disc is very small, this noise would happen even if you are not braking.
    I would check the brakes out first (easiest to do!) before venturing into dismantling the gearbox to get at the clutch.
    Hope this helps!

  2. g.dog

    the noise would increase when you pressed the brake pedal if it were the brakes,
    this sounds like the clutch release bearing.

    in order to fix it the gear box needs to be removed and the clutch assembly replaced it will consist of three peaces bought as one unit the drive plate the compression plate and the release bearing.hope this helps

  3. Grainov Truth

    If it is a standard transmission, put it in neutral or step on the clutch and coast. Noise still there? While rolling forward apply the parking brake slowly and see if you can affect it that way(parking brakes are tied in only to the rear wheel brakes).
    When you step on the brake pedal lightly, it activates the front brakes more than the rear. You have to hammer on the brakes to activate all four wheels.
    If it is brakes, better get them looked at pronto before they gouge the drums. If done early they only need to replace the shoes. Wait, and the drums need turning or replacement as they got damaged from metal to metal contact (and besides there is no stopping ability when it is metal to metal).

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