Volkswagen Polo 1.4 TDI Flatout

Flatout in a 2007 VW Polo 1.4 TDI on the Autobahn. Look here for more:

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19 Responses to Volkswagen Polo 1.4 TDI Flatout

  1. MercedesFUN1

    nice for 3 cylinder engine!

  2. dnbdennis

    @MercedesFUN1 depends on driving and not every car is the same some are quicker some are slower thats just how it is

  3. MercedesFUN1

    men, why the Volkswagen Polo 1.4 TDI of my brother goes up to 185 km/h and you Polo 1.4 TDI goes up to 170?

  4. Icechil

    @STIG1994 it is km/h and it is 170 km/h =)

  5. Ravenwing3000

    Its km/h look!

  6. kristijan628

    it is kmh

  7. erichhouse

    kmh ihr bauern

  8. tiborsama

    i got the exact same car !

    it’s 170 Km/h
    it’s a 1.4 TDI how the hell would it be able to drive 220 km/u ????
    dumb basterds !

  9. javahaxxor

    A Polo TDI is great for fuel economy. I got one when I decided that I should burn fuel in my new 1000cc 150hp motorcycle instead of going to the daycare and supermarket. Boring and wobbly tho, I’d rather have the BMW 116d


    its mph. its 220kph

  11. Kheops63

    Can’t you guess? It is a Polo…..

  12. ObrenNBG

    Is this a 70hp version?

  13. patrickroks

    1 mph is 1.6 kph. 120 mph is 200 kph. 140 mph is 232 kph. 186 mph is 300 kph.

  14. STIG1994

    140mph, 220km/h

  15. m1rchegfn

    haha a polo with 220 mph.. it’s like a bugatti

  16. 0din27

    Motoarele pe benzina cu cilindreea de 1.0 si 1.4 din productia Vw /Seat a anilor 2002-2003 au avut de suferit defectiuni majore in iarna asta… Cauza: un defect de fabricatie al circuitului de ulei, care duce la acumularea de condens, ce poate ingheta:| Urmarea: blocarea lagarelor si GRIPAREA motorului. In ciuda furnizarii de catre vw a unui kit special, care ar fi trebuit sa rezolve problema, aceasta a reaparut chiar la masini cu kitul montat…

  17. 99Lezard99

    one of the most boring cars ever sorry im from germany in my country a polo is the most poular beginners-car and i dont like mainstream

  18. rehmant

    well why would a polo have 220mph on the clock so that should answer you question

  19. bioy2k5

    mph or kmph

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