Shall i change my R Reg VW Polo………………………?

For a T Reg Astra???

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12 Responses to Shall i change my R Reg VW Polo………………………?

  1. Dad's found yer scoo'er

    Absolutely no way.

  2. Lucian S

    No, such a waste of money

  3. Mike Sanders

    I wouldn’t if your happy with it…

    VW’s are highly reliable (especially the polo model)
    Parts are inexpensive

  4. babymax27

    No – VW are awesom – i had a VW Beetle and changed it for a 206 – worst mistake ever

  5. JASON N

    No, buy my 2004 Astra.

  6. moayad_82


  7. Gary F

    no point if your only gonna buy an old car anyway.if you want to change cars i advise the sooner the better as cars lose 200 pound a month on average. so your car is worth nothing in reality. dealers dont compensate for emotions so get rid and buy a new vw polo.DONT BUY AN ASTRA!!!!!!!!

  8. Jarod

    No. Volkswagen are strong, reliable cars and last a lifetime. The Polo is a better contender over the Astra and has been around since the Seventies. Your 1998 model will probably outlast you if you treat it right and keep it serviced when needed.

    These cars can easily top 1 million miles on the clock without major problems.

    Stick with what you’ve got. It’s a great little car.

  9. Colin M

    No, if your Polo’s okay and you’re happy with it, then stick with it. You never know what troubles you might be acquiring if you change a good car for an unknown.

    Polos and Golfs of that era were properly made, which unfortunately isn’t always the case with later models.

  10. Tim R

    No wait and get something newer than T reg.

  11. weeniewobbles

    Keep the VW – great little motor! Change it if you must (I’m looking to buy one – seriously! – post an answer if you want to sell – I’m in Scotland though) but don’t change it for a Astra.

  12. andygimpy

    No dont be a fool. VW are much more well built and more reliable.

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