Polo 1.0 Turbo – Garrett T15

Polo 1043cc with a Garrett T15 turbine

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10 Responses to Polo 1.0 Turbo – Garrett T15

  1. MrMigs08

    @RWL2011 I know i would, you should see the 1.3 turbo down at santa pod…frikin crazy.

  2. RWL2011

    @MrMigs08 i want a nissan micra TURBO as my first car now LOL

  3. RWL2011

    @mrxbrightside how long did the turbo in the 1.1 saxo last for? not very long i’m guessing!

  4. MrMigs08

    @RWL2011 You can on nissan micra engines, one of the fiercest and well built little engines out there, and at 700kg, they’re incredibly fly.

  5. mrxbrightside

    @RWL2011 obviously. Forged internal’s are required for high boost, but I knew a lad that turbo’d a 1.1 MPi citroen saxo. Low boost withOUT forged internals. Dont even know why your telling me all I said was i bet it was fun while it lasted.

  6. RWL2011

    @mrxbrightside a guy i knew put a volvo turbo on his fiesta and wondered why the car broke down, turbos need a forced induction engine to work, you can’t just bolt a turbo to a naturally aspirated engine!

  7. mrxbrightside

    I bet its blown now, but i bet it was amazing while it lasted XD

  8. Voegt1991

    this is sick :)

  9. necta1

    is that a standard 1.0 vw engine

  10. JorgeRossPendreigh

    how did you fit it m8

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