Gran Turismo 2 ~ Secret and best cars

Gran Turismo 2 (NTSC-U) 1.0 Hidden cars are: ~The VW polo [in red] ~Clk Race Car ~GT500 KR The rest are cars hard to obtain, or cars from different versions of the game like the ‘esso’ cars. I didn’t cheat my way through the races, more gran turismo videos to come !

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19 Responses to Gran Turismo 2 ~ Secret and best cars

  1. panda1290

    @TheHacker60 I had that car without cheats. i spend near 140.000cr for it (the car+ racing mod+ some tunes)

  2. TheHacker60

    @panda1290 You can’t do that. It won’t allow you to. You need a Gameshark to get that Taurus.

  3. Blackened4everPS3

    No suzuki escudo? Was that in gran turismo 2 or was it in 3? I forget

  4. sonicth3

    @55Firelord He did, he said he did.

  5. romet747

    how do you get sileighty?

  6. burton0078

    @panda1290 only in v1.0 ntsc-u or J the nascar paint scheme is available

  7. burton0078

    yes i did cheat a little…. like for the colors, some cars, some cars came from a gamesave and others are hybrids like the LM nismo. Its all fun though lol

  8. 55Firelord

    i think you cheat in some cars because look at the hp 2000 gtr and 900 sleighty

  9. Flaviochief42

    Gran Turismo Games have so many secrets…

  10. joledingue

    2823hp Nissan GT-R LM ? Nice ;D

  11. albertsauce

    the GT500KR is in the Japanese verion.

  12. lildudegamma89

    Nice NASCAR

  13. xkazanskyx

    how you get the 206 GTi?

  14. panda1290

    @Romuloadex217 oh! in PAL version. i don´t know if in NTSC is the same

  15. Romuloadex217

    @panda1290 ok………thanks……………..

  16. panda1290

    @Romuloadex217 TOO SIMPLE! buy an ford Taurus and tune it with a racing mod!

  17. Romuloadex217

    how did you get the TAURUS SHO????

  18. Sha12333

    i had all cars in gt2

  19. GranTurismo0517

    hmm, I wonder why the polo, clk, and gt500 never made it to gran turismo 2?

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