Fake Unmarked UK Police Car – Blue lights and Siren

- Blue LED Lights, Magnetic rotating blue light, Siren, Flashing headlights, Rear Blue LED some of my blue lights and siren on my mums car – vw polo! – sorry for the quality! – very bad camera! More of these sort of uploads to come – i may possibly film a fake police car chase soon as i live on a private estate. -Please note: i or any other driver of this vehicle do not use any form of blue lights or sirens on any public highway – this is only for use either off road or on private land with the owners permission. This is purely for fun – no intention of impersonating the police.

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9 Responses to Fake Unmarked UK Police Car – Blue lights and Siren

  1. knittingplug123

    Edward you twat! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

  2. shanesaintsfc


  3. surgical2004

    Wanker !!

  4. TheCarismaGT

    Wow, that’s really awesome. I’ve always liked those British police sirens.

  5. edlawrence94

    @Alex555666555 or i might get some from

  6. edlawrence94

    @Alex555666555 some came up on ebay last week but i forgot to raise my bid and lost them. I will get some if they come up again

  7. Alex555666555

    @edlawrence94 are you still getting the L.E.D lights in the grill

  8. edlawrence94

    @Alex555666555 what did u say alex?

  9. Alex555666555

    are you still getting the led’s in the grill

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