6N2 Mk5 VW polo fusebox layout. What fuses go where?

I have a W reg (2000) V reg mk5 6n2 VW Polo S 75BHP manual, AC.

What is the layout of the fuses? The top and middle rows are missing on the left side. click here for a picture to see what I need; http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c80/ereeiz/15122009358.jpg
I think it’s 11 in total of the min-blade fuses.
SBF1- 10A- Oxygen Sensor Heater
SBF2- 5A- Number Plate Light
SBF3- 10A- Fuel Injectors
SBF4- 5A- LH Sidelight
SBF5- 5A- RH Sidelight
SBF6- 15A- Rear Window Wiper
SBF7- 7.5A- Direction Indicators
SBF9- 5A- Headlight Levelling
SBF10- 7.5A- Interior Lighting, Glovebox Light, Vanity Mirror Light, Luggage Compartment Light

SBF11- 5A- Diagnostic Connector, Instrument Cluster, Air Conditioning
SBF12- 10A- RH Headlight Main Beam and Warning Light
SBF13- 10A- LH Headlight Main Beam
SBF14- 10A- Hazard Warning Lights
SBF15- 10A- Stop (brake) Lights
SBF16- 5A- Ignition Switch ‘S’ Contact
SBF17- N/A- None Applicable/ Not Used
SBF18- 5A- Heated Mirrors
SBF19- 15A- Horn
SBF20- N/A- None Applicable/ Not Used

SBF21- N/A- None Applicable/ Not Used
SBF22- 15A- Alarm System
SBF23- 5A- EGR, Air Mass Meter, Additional Heater Relay, Glow Plug Relay
SBF24- 5A- Clutch Pedal Switch (Diesel)
SBF25- 5A- Selector Lever Switch (Automatic Transmission)
SBF26- 7
SBF25- 5A- Selector Lever Switch (Automatic Transmission)
SBF26- 7.5A- Air Conditioning, Central Locking, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Navigation System
SBF27- 5A- Instrument Cluster
SBF28- 5A- Speedometer Sensor Unit, Immobiliser
SBF29- 7.5A- Reversing Lights, Heated Washer Jets, Headlight Levelling
SBF30- 5A- EGR Valve, Charcoal Filter Solenoid

SBF31- 10A- Engine Management
SBF32- 5A- Fuel Shutoff Control Unit (Diesel)
SBF33- N/A- None Applicable/ Not Used
SBF34- 10A- Ignition Transformer
MBF35- 25A- Sunroof
MBF36- 15A- Engine Management
MBF37- 15A- Engine Management
MBF38- 25A- Drivers Electric Window (RH Presumably)
MBF39- 25A- Passengers Electric Window (LH Presumably)
MBF40- 15A- Fuel Pump

MBF41- 15A- Central Locking, Alarm System
MBF42- 15A- Radio, Navigation
MBF43- 15A- Front and Rear Foglights
MBF44- 15A- LH Headlight- Dipped Beam
MBF45- 15A- RH Headlight- Dipped Beam
MBF46- 15A- Cigar Lighter
MBF47- 20A- Headlight Washer
MBF48- 20A- Heated Re
MBF48- 20A- Heated Rear Window
MBF49- 25A- Heater Blower Motor
MBF50- 15A- Front Wash/ Wipe
MBF51- 15A- Heated Seats

KEY- SBF- Small Blade Fuse, approx. 10mm across
MBF- Medium Blade Fuse, approx. 15mm across

SBF1- The number is the fuse board location number. So this means Small Blade Fuse number 1 in this example.

15A- The number represents the rating of fuse, so in this example it’s 15 Amps. The A stands for Amps, or Amperes if you prefer!

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2 Responses to 6N2 Mk5 VW polo fusebox layout. What fuses go where?

  1. L G

    If you have not lost the plastic cover which acts a door to the fuse panel, you should see on the inside of that cover the “map” of which fuse goes where and the fuse rating.
    Additionally, not all fuse positions are in use as the fuse box is universal for Petrol and Diesel Polo as well as one with or without things like Airconditioners

  2. Barking_Dog

    Is the layout the same in Golfs / Caddys etc

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