“4 KING KONGS VS. 1 DISCO DIVA – ( I LEFT MY CORPSE IN NEW YORK CITY REMIX )” Hopefully, there are other KING KONG & AMII STEWART fans out there who might dig this. The song of course, is “KNOCK ON WOOD” (which never gets old, nor fails to get our booties shakin’) & the KONGS sourced are the 1933 – ’33 Original, 1976 – ’76 version, the PETER JACKSON 2005 – ’05 Remake (Extended Movie version & the WETA short “recreation”/ imagining of the legendary LOST SPIDER PIT sequence) & DAVID ALLEN’s classic 70′s VOLKSWAGON COMMERCIAL KONG & Test Reel. PS: As you can tell, we’re a bit partial to the Original & PJ version- both of which are Desert Island flix at this place:-) But the ’76 *does* have a screamin’ sacrifice scene:-). AND WHY? Cuz Kong shakin’ his thang seemed like an amusing idea at the time:-) All footage used copyright their respective owners.

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  1. matt5172

    I just watched the whole 1933 version then found this gem. Hahaha tempted to show it in my modernism tutorial.

  2. james739123

    every time 1933 kong knoks on that door i atomaticly think hes saying in a dumass voice

    “let me IN”

  3. riccardobruero

    Love it!

    Regards from a lifetime Kong fan.

  4. dun4ukwitmebiach

    That boy is beatin the sheeit out of that wood!

  5. supergodzilla12

    that colorized version at 4:08 looks really fake

  6. ZZAAN84

    You’re visual techniques are AWSOME! Love to see what you could do with Ferris Bueller….if you’re not too busy.

  7. bluevidcam

    We watched the 76 version of King Kong last night.. He climbed the old WTC towers :(

  8. Plane60

    Fameux Votre vidéo très bien réalisée, très bon montage et un clin d’oeil à Amii Stewart qui fit une apparition ds le film de 1976

  9. ape21st


  10. Thewalkthroughmasta7


  11. SausageMcNab


  12. Lizi32

    Epic. Well done.

  13. baragon2001x

    the peter jackson stop motion spider pit sceen can be seen on the 2 disc special edition of king kong 1933

  14. JackKlompus13

    Does anyone know where you can see The Lost Spider Pit Sequence?

  15. Cyberschizoid

    Positively inspired!!!! I LOVE this!!!!!!

  16. diggingformud

    I’m glad to see there’s someone out there with more time to waste than I have

  17. ReinhardvonHolst

    hypnotic is the word

  18. mag72001

    LOVE it ….. i have all these movies heheheh

  19. Adom

    Ditto. Great edits. Not usually a fan of compilation music videos, but this one is so well done.

  20. VulgarHurricane

    2:29 it’s probably my favourite sequence XD

  21. VulgarHurricane

    Really hypnotic! Once I start to watch it, it’s impossible to stop me ^___^
    Great work!!

  22. Mannyman50

    Great job on the video. I loved it

  23. botda666

    And THANKS back for your comment Lewisner (sorry to any & everyone for late replies BTW!–Not getting comment forwards from YT for some reason) PEACE!

  24. lewisner

    You are a mad genius TY for posting 8-)

  25. alexcub25

    Ha ha
    thats funny

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