I have 1999 Volkswagon Passat problems- any ideas?

We bought the carfrom a private owner who drove it 12,000 miles in the 3 years they owned it. They purchased it from a certified used dealer. It drives & runs like a champ. However, about 1 mo. after we bought it the engine light came on. Brought it to Auto Zone (which will hook you up to a meter for free) and the code showed something in the fuel area- i dont know exaclty what… the attendant punched the wrong code number into the main computer and we were in a hurry so we figured we would just go back. The light went off… thought maybe it was just a fluke. My husband had put regular gas in the car shortly before the light came on on accident, so we crossed our fingers and hoped that was it. After all, the car runs great. Well, that was approx 2 mo. ago and the light has since come back on. My husband is a heavy equipment mechanic and did a quick spot check on the major things. All seems ok. Then this morning, , my temp light came on- gauge hasnt moved-Sits at low. Any ideas?

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9 Responses to I have 1999 Volkswagon Passat problems- any ideas?

  1. 2 good 2 miss

    1999 problems!!!!!! i would get rid of it

  2. snapalope

    Volkswagens are tricky…You should definitely take it to a VW dealership to get it checked out. You never know with the engine light… and as for the temperature light, mine comes on when it is really cold outside…i think there is a problem with the sensor. Just make sure your coolant level is where it should be and you should be fine. But taking it in to an actual VW dealership is probably the best way to go….

  3. a99blkdog

    check all vital fluids and go back to zone for scan… use good gas and make sure gas cap is tight… may b thermostate or water pump. good luk.

  4. JMay

    If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. If there are no problems with the running of the car then you might just be getting a few electrical glitches that turn the lights on at random.

    You said you put regular gas in though, and I thought Passats were diesel? Maybe just put the car in for a service and double check what fuel you should be using.

  5. MauditE

    Gas cap not tight will cause this light.

  6. vw tech

    your car is most likely low on coolant, causing the temp light to come on. as for the engine light i would take it to the dealer unless you can tell me exactly what fault is in the memory. just because the engine light goes off doesn’t mean that there is not still a problem.

  7. MaryJane

    I had this problem all the time w/my 99 Like me you will be happy to know it’s a simple solution.

    You said your hubby got gas…there is your prob. He did not put the cap on properly. You have to line up the threads perfectly and then make sure it clicks a few times. The computer will read failure in the engine area because air is getting on to the tank.

    I am so glad I didn’t take it to VW for them to tighten the cap..and I am pretty sure they wouldn’t have told me that. I found it on a VW chat site online.
    Next time you get gas just make sure you click it and that problem will go away. Darn VWs are to smart!! LOL

  8. sgiarc00

    Fuel problem could have been it was running to rich or too lean. You can double check the fault code and look it up.

  9. jb

    hi there is a modified coolent temp switch for this vehicle. most are all green now but would advise you too take back to car zone. in engine bay there will be a temp sender if black change it too a green one if green get it checked.. does the epc light come on when the car is hot/cold??

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