how do i go about changing the rear wheel bearings on my volkswagon passat?

i,ve got a wineing noise from the back, and it’s not the misses!

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6 Responses to how do i go about changing the rear wheel bearings on my volkswagon passat?

  1. TallPaul

    Wheel off. Caliper and brake disc off (or drum, shoes and rest of brake). Strip it back to the hub. You’ll need a bearing puller. Or, get a garage to do it in about an hour.

  2. putonyourmittens

    if its a drum break you wont even need a bearing puller they’re easy enough to get out.

    the bearings are actually only £16 each so if you are gettin ripped by a garage try buy the part first so they dont charge u even more.

    the labour is efortless and for £400 i would rather buy a wheel bearing removal tool and do it myself.

  3. twinturbo1994

    If you are not mechanically inclined enough to pull the hub off, you are better off taking it to a shop. I did mine myself about a year ago. The biggest pain is if you have rear disc brakes is getting the ebrake off and reassembled. If you have an older car, you will run into stuck bolts. you will also need a LARGE socket to get the hub bolt off. If you dont have the tools, you are better off taking it in. It will cost you about 300-400 to have both done with parts and labor.

  4. Neil D

    i work for volkswgen group, the wheel bearings are pressed in they are not easy to remove, or fit.remove your brake and the hub nut i think its a 30mm socket, remove the hub. you should now see a large circlip in a groove inside the hub, (beware this is tricky and painful) get some pliers that look like an it has two antenna, the circlip has two small holes in it, put the pliers inthetwo holes and pull the circlip inwards and it shouldpop out (this takes two people) 1 to hold the hub, 1 to remove the circlip. grease the new bearing and press it in, the circlip is now the painful part, if the clip slips off the pliers it hurts if it hits you. re-install the hub and put the drum bac together, (if it is a drum) dont forget to bleed the brakes, starting with the furthest from the servo, to the closest. if you need any guidance for putting drum back together you can e-mail me at

  5. The mechanic

    If you hav,nt got the specialist tools leave well alone

  6. technical

    E-mail me with your exact vehicle details i.e. year, engine size, body type saloon or estate and I will email you back instructions as used by VW technicians. You should need to open the brake system so bleeding shouldn’t be necessary.

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