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how much would a new vw golf m3 gearbox cost?

Hw much it would cost to get a new windscreen for a vw golf 1.4 1996?

or even an old one for it

How easy would it be for a mechanic to replace a VW Golf MK4′s ignition barrel lock, door locks and boot lock?

I’m about to purchase a full VW Golf 1999 full lock set (second hand) this includes boot lock, door locks and ignition barrel lock from a salvage yard who dismantled a golf gti mk4. It will come with 2 remote keys and I was wondering how much of a job it would be for a … Continue reading

Roughly how much do you think petrol would cost in a 1.4 polo going 60 miles?

I have a 1.4 VW Polo and was wondering roughly how much it would cost to travel about 60 miles?

Would you buy a VW Golf vr6 (2.8 litre) with the price of fuel in the UK going through the roof.?

vw golf crank sensor gone again it was only replaced 6 weeks ago why would this happen again?

AA came out after car would not start and said crank sensor gone it was only replaced 6 weeks ago is there any reason that this would happen again so soon

VW Polo, my drivers side electric window isn’t working, how how much would it cost me to fix it?

Hi,,, I bought a vw polo 2001 reg, there’s a fault in the passenger window. basically i can’t open and close the window at all. everytime I press the button it makes this “tick tick” sound but the door don’t open. I’ve taken it to a garage, paid £30 to the mechanic to have a … Continue reading

how much does a oil cooler housing cost for a vw golf 2001. and to be ftted what would the total be please?

which car would be best for my 1st car: vw golf mk1 or 1997 honda civic?

i cant choose because the vw golf is old and will rot and brake down , but honda’s are known to be very reliable . . but it may loose money

im putting a bodykit on a vw golf 2004 how much would it cost jet black?