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Whirring noise on my 1.6 vw polo when in gear,noisiest in 5th.any help welcome on finding what this could be?

i have replaced the gearbox oil but this has had no effect, im scared to drive it but need it resolving asap..ANY help would be appreciated as i am a woman and can often be taken for a mug at garages, this might give me some ammo to go in with..lol..cheers guys hi folks, the … Continue reading

vw golf 1.3 1990 the engine cuts out when turning right , what causes this problem.?

Is £2,900 too much for this used VW Polo?

2002 (52 reg), Silver metallic hatchback 49,000 miles Petrol 1.2 L 12 months MOT. (Trade sale).

i have a 1995 vw golf and it has a CAT warning light showing. can anyone help me out with this problem.?

I am looking to buy VW Golf, 09 plate, if i ordered it this yr, when would i most likly get it, this yr or nxt?

What HP has has this VW Golf got?

I’m interested in a 2000 Golf TDI but don’t know the power rating. i just rang insurance and they said it is a Golf TDI 90, maing me think it has 90hp. But on TDI badge the D & I are in red and according to wikipedia they came with either 113 hp or 128hp

i got a vw golf mk3 1.8 se , when i drive down the road it makes a tapping noise what could this be?

The check engine light has just come on in my car, what does this mean? Car: VW Polo E(2001, 1.0L)?

Is there anything specific this light refers to? Is it critical?

i been thinkin about gettin my vw golf tdi 53 plate chipped,can any1 tell me the pro’s,cons and price of this.

My golf is a 53 plate 1.9 tdi match, i have no idea what the current bhp is! Sorry for the lack of info, but i would be very greatfull if anybody could help me!

Does anyone else have this problem with a VW Golf Mk V 1.9 TDi DSG (automatic/tiptronic) gearbox?

The car is two years old. Since new it has had a tendency to hestitate from accelerating at certain points on the road and then to emit huge plumes of black exhaust smoke before it gets going again. This usually occurs after coming out of a roundabout and wanting to pull away smartly, either to … Continue reading