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Need help with VW polo, anyone anything bout cars?

My driver side lock wont open so i have to open it from the passenger side, but i can lock it from the driverside. does this just sound like something need re clipping or re wiring or is it more major than that? thanks x

I need a name for my VW Golf Cabriolet.?

i have just bought a vw golf cabriolet and i think a car like that eserves a name. and not just any old name, a super special cool name. It’s black. please help!!!! ps, i live near newquay so RTTS next year, whoop whoop!!!!! RTTS is Run To The Sun, it’s a big VW rally … Continue reading

VW Golf V5 – climate control blowing warm air – does this need re-gassed?

Need For Speed ProStreet tuning cars #2

My 2nd video of my Need For Speed ProStreet garage.There are 11 tuned cars in this video: 1)Nissan Skyline GT-R [R34], 2)Subaru Impreza WRX STi, 3)Nissan 350Z [Z33], 4)Mazda RX-7, 5)Nissan Silvia [S15], 6)Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, 7)Dodge Challenger R/T, 8)BMW M3 E46, 9)BMW M3 E92, 10)Porsche 911 Turbo, 11)VW Golf R32. Music ( supposed … Continue reading

Which brand spark plugs are the best for vw Polo 1.4 March 1998 4 Cylinder and how many do i need to replace?

Could you give me type or part number siutable spark plugs for my car?I heard that Bosh s.plugs are best. Thanks Jarek

need a cheap place to buy parts for a 1994 vw golf??

failed the mot this morning, suspension is away. suspension arm rubber bush on both sides at the front, and lower suspension ball joint away. aswell as some other minor points (headlights aim off etc.) garage quoted me at 480quid to fix!! going to do the work myself but need some websites with cheap parts or … Continue reading

Please help need technical advise re my VW POLO ?

Since March 2008 my polo has had a fault , the ABS & handbrake warning light keep flashing and beeping but it does this every now & then. I have had it back to VW 3 0r 5 times. They have fixed corroded fuses and then month later a corroded wire the fault still keeps … Continue reading

vintage vw beetle commercial: the parts you don’t need

www.painteddesigns.nl I like this commercial. You see parts being thrown away carelessly. Later you see these are parts a vw beetle does not even have. Why because an aircooled car don’t need such parts. BRILLIANT! From theDVD ‘Legend on wheels’. Wanna have this DVD packed with 2 hours of high quality digitally remastered old vw … Continue reading

MY VW Polo 1.6 has overheated and I need help to trace the fault.?

My 1995 VW Polo 1.6 overheated last week out of the blue. So far I have replaced the thermostat and checked that the radiator fan is working and the switch is cutting in at the correct temp. The coolant is a clear greeny blue colour (as expected) and I cannot hear any undue noises from … Continue reading

i need a gear box for 98 vw golf?

i live in cork ireland does anyone have a gearbox for 98 vw golf new shape it has to be hydrolic