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replacement of the front rhs halogen lamp for a vw polo sdi (round headlamp model)?

Humming noise from engine compartment. VW Golf 3, diesel, 1993 model?

I keep hearing this “broken humming noise” (in a bee form) from the engine compartment of my golf 3, diesel, 1993. I thought it was the gearbox/differential oil level was low, I added oil but the noise is still slightly there. the noise accelerate when I accelerate and decelerate when I decelerate. The noise disappear … Continue reading

VW Polo 1.4 about 2001 model.?

Anybody have such a car with 1.4 petrol engine that can tell me what actual fuel consumption is (a) General running (b) Distance running. I am not interested in Government figures, only those obtained by real living people ! Please, no guessing I can do that. Many Thanks.

VW Golf VR6 2.8 1992 Mk3 Model, turbo and injection?

Hi, Just wondered if the above model of VR6 has an injection and turbo. I know nothing about cars.

Does the VW Golf 1.6 Petrol FSI 2005 model have a cambelt or chain?

I am looking for a connection rod for a VW Polo 1.4 16valve, 2000 model, with a AHW engine. need it asap?

does anyone know where the fuses are foer the electric windows on a vw golf gti 1996 model many thankyous?

i think its a fuse because passenger side front and back work fine just drivers side front and back are out

Should I buy a second hand VW Golf VR6 (2.8 LITRE) 1992-1998 year model Manual gearbox. Cheers?

I am not worried about the high insurance cost, As I am not a zitty 18 year old who has just passed his driving test. Cheers

2002 vw golf base model, windscreen washer issues!?

im having issues with the above! the hose has come loose from the bottle to the spray and im not sure where it goes back in! can any1 help me with this, thanks. it is connected at the bottom but its just sticking out beside the air inlet pipe! cant see an obvious place for … Continue reading

I have a VW Golf 2003 model TDI and the oil light….?

wont go out. I have checked the oil and filled it to the necessary mark, but still the warning oil light wont go out. Can anyone help me out here please. Oh, and I can’t get it booked in for a service until next Monday, but need to use it before then.