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would a powerflow exhaust for a vw mk 3 golf 1.4 fit a vw golf mk3 GTI 8v?

VW GOLF TDI 2002 – water leak in rear passenger footwell??

Any one had similiar experience ? and got it fixed ? it has no sunroof. Thanks

vw golf s.?

t reg 99, 1.4cc, mate is selling for £1500 does this sound like a good price and whats the common faults i should look out for? when im buying a car if i cant get a mechanic to check it whats the main things i can check myself???

vw golf gti 16v engine for sale uk?

VW Golf 1.6 TDi Bluemotion 2010 Prices!?

Hey there, im wanting to buy the above car brand new. Anybody know how much i could buy this car for minimum in the uk? I have a car over ten years old at the momment and im hoping to make use of the vehicle scrappage scheme too. thanks

whats wrong with my (mk,3) 97/98 vw golf gti?

the car engine cuts out when breaking to a stop ant it keeps idleing up and down below 1000rpm ive ajusted it to (tick over) a bit better but when the engine warms up and it picks up to around 2000rpm. Also the rev limiter kicks in a bit to early at 5000rpm. can anyone … Continue reading

does my VW Golf mk 5 2.0 Gt TDi have athermic heat-reflecting windscreens?

Apparently this interferes with Tom Tom go 910 and requires an optional antennae

I have a G reg mark 2 VW Golf. Does anyone know how to change the digital clock on the dashboard? I’m miffed!!

Unopenable rear door 1999 VW Golf! Help!?

The door won’t open from the inside or outside. I’ve removed the door card and pretty much everything I can to try and get to the lock but it seems impossible!? Rear passenger door, drivers side

Does anyone know the vw golf gti 16valve 4WD limited ? i would like to buy one of the 71 which were produced.?