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I had a 5 gear g reg VW polo, just given to family member, who says it is 4 gear and he took to garage and…?

they say it is 4 gear. However I know 100% it is 5 gear. I drove for 3 years, driving on major roads, in 5th gear and gear stick shows 5 gears. I even remember first getting it and having to get used to 5 gears as my old car had 4. I had a … Continue reading

gear problems with a vw polo?

a strange noise is coming from the gear box . i still have power in the car , drives perfect but scared to drive it due to the noise . please help, im at my wits end when i take my foot off the clutch the noise stops. when i rev there is no noise. … Continue reading

vw polo gearbox setting gear selection, not the selector on the back of the box, but on the front there are 2 ?

not on the back of the box, but on the front of the box there are 2 pins with torx 50 heads on, there was 1 removed (by mistake !!) someone thought it was the oil level plug ! now on replacing the pin the gears are all messed up, when the pin is tightend … Continue reading

VW Polo 1.2 (53) car sounds like it’s going to stall when idle and changing gear?

Before christmas car was driving OK. It sat on driveway for a week during -10 temps. Started ok the next time I used it then I noticed the car sounded like it was about to stall when idle and also when changing gear, although it never did. Change the temp sensor as there was an … Continue reading

Polo GTI 1.8T – in 5th gear

also can see the momentary consumption

Replaced gearbox in VW golf auto, now wont go into gear?

i replaced the auto gearbox in my 1998 1.6 golf, and now it wont go into gear. When moving through park, drive, reverse the dash shows no change and doesn’t even recognise that im even moving through the gears. everything else on the dash is working fine and i have no problem with the clocks. … Continue reading

Hi, My VW Golf 1.6 1999, gear 5 is rocking forward and back when I accelerate and comes off sometime! Ideas?

Where Can I Find A 5 Speed Gear Knob Insert From? (VW Golf MK5) (2004 Plate)?

VW Don’t Have The Little Plastic Insert For One For Sale… If You Know A Website (Or If You Are Selling One On eBay), Please Answer

Top Gear Golf Mk V GTI

Vid of Golf GTi Mk V on Top Gear. Love how Jeremy says it is more practical than an X5.

VW Golf notchy/ grindy first gear, when cold?

for the first few changes, it requires quite a shove to put it in first. Synchro? almost exclusively when cold. and just with first.