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Gatebil 2007 – Burnout and drag – Rwd GOLF VR6 Turbo, Urquattro, Audi S2

Gatebil 2007

VW polo TDI Bulijoe vs F1 Pisti Audi 90 QT

2010 03 27 drag racing Kiskunlacháza

TFL von Audi S 6 ( VW Passat 3C)

TFL von Audi S 6 ( VW Passat 3C)

AUDI A3 (220HP) vs. VW passat 4motion

Tuning zraz 10.4.2010 Koš?any nad turcom

VW Polo 2 G40 vs. Audi S4 EFR Höxter 2009

BMW 335xi vs VW Passat CC 3.6 vs Audi TT 3.2quattro (2)

Which should i buy, audi A4 otr VW golf tdi?

Im looking at both in 1.9Tdi, also can anyone tell me the difference between GT and GT TDI I heard the GT is just the interior of the car is a higher model?

Choosing a new car! i’m stuck between a audi a3 and a VW golf? , for value for money which would you choose?

Audi S3/RS3 (380HP) vs the challengers!

My own version of the Audi RS3. My Audi S3 as featured in October’s edition of the Australian Motor Magazine hot tuner challenge vs some big hitting challengers from the likes of: AMG C63 Subaru STi Evo X Chev Comaro Lotus Elise Supercharged Supercharged M3 Stage 2 & 3 VW MKVI Golf GTI & Golf … Continue reading

C63 AMG vs LEXUS ISF vs AUDI S4 B8 vs AUDI RS4 B7 – 2009

Mercedes Benz W204 C63 AMG V8 457ps/600nm, LEXUS IS F V8 423ps/505nm, AUDI S4 V6T 333hp/440nm, AUDI RS4 V8 420ps/430nm.. All stock