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does the callipers to a normal mk4 vw golf fit the 1.8t gti?

ABS Fault on 1999 VW Golf Gti 1.8T (not the abs sensor!)?

I have a 1999 golf gti turbo. I have a fault with my abs. When it was plugged in it said abs fault, front offside. After changing the sensor twice i still have the fault!! My abs operates when not needed and It only ever seems to happen under light braking. I have tested the … Continue reading

Polo GTI 1.8T – in 5th gear

also can see the momentary consumption

Recently brought a VW Golf 1.8T W reg and the drivers side footwell is wet…HELP?

I have put it in the garage twice now the first time they stripped off the door pannel and re sealed it, the second time he said it was leaking down behind the fuse box and the pedals. So he dried it all out and put the carpet and all back in but it is … Continue reading


The central locking has stopped working from the remote and the windows have stopped working from the switches inside. However, the locking still works with the key and the windows work if you hold the key in the door lock to operate the ‘total close’ function. The locking also still works with the switch inside. … Continue reading

VW Golf 1.8t mk4? Where exactly is engine number/chassis number located?

Thanks for your help! Also if you have any knowledge of potential problem areas to look for I would appreciate that too! thanks again!

Ford Focus RS vs. VW Polo 6N 1.8T


I want a Car similar to a VW Golf 1.8T or 2.0…. Anyone have any suggestions?

I have a desire for a fast car that has not been previously ragged all over my home borough by little 20 – somethings , trying to escape police… I was thinking Ford Focus ST170 or something… Anyone know what they are talking about wanna give me a hand..


Standard VW POLO GTI 1.8T with REVO Performance Software doing an easy 50-220 kmh run on the German highway. ( www.revotechnik.ro ) Acceleratie 50-220 kmh cu un VW POLO GTI 1.8T cu soft REVO Performance pe o portiune de autostrada in Germania fara limita de viteza. ( http )

How can I tell if my 2001 VW Golf 1.8T Mk 4 is a 150 or 170 bhp model?

The engine code is AUM