Vw Golf 4 Dahlback Vs Audi Quattro

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22 Responses to Vw Golf 4 Dahlback Vs Audi Quattro

  1. zero00z

    haha the Audi S1 is just playing with the others !!!!

  2. BluesThor

    Dahlback is one insane dude!

  3. stuntman2600

    what ever car you like best, both audi and golf are awesome all thanks to dahlback!

  4. da666mien

    maybe he is good but he doesnt show it in this video :) ))

  5. gandahome

    the golf is just kidding xD

  6. TheAmericanUhate

    @creationofsociety….. Is this really all that you ever do all day everyday? You just go to video after video in hopes that somebody will talk to your loser ass? Wow, it must really suck to be you kid.

  7. moffat27

    no he’s not. he can’t corner for shit. that car obviously just has way too much power, and a set up that doesn’t drift. he’s just making it look silly

  8. kingozala

    So you think that Golf.. with 900hp and 4wd drive wouldn’t do good @ gravel? LOL. That Golf is basically Audi UrQuattro with big ass turbo.

  9. MGazT

    true,.. much more likely someone would make a video of him and put it up on youtube.. :)

  10. creationofsociety

    and btw , a scandanavian flick takes skill , and thats what he s doing at the hairpin , with a quatro thats a very old car !

  11. creationofsociety

    yes but like you said , it s fun to watch , and it s some car show or whatever , so he s giving away a show off course !

  12. MGazT

    he is good, and was fun to watch, but he might have gone a little faster round the track if he hadn’t been going sideways on every corner, and smoking his tires all the time.

  13. Stereo86

    Very good for the Black Golf, but….on the asphalted street
    The The Audi4 is THE AUDI 4…and the Audi was “Original”…
    If the pilote of golf had used The Audi 4 He would be in trouble becouse ’80Technologies. ;)
    Honor and glory for Audi 4 forefer (Lancia S4 more…:P)

  14. creationofsociety

    the driver in the yellow audi is good !

  15. safzuan

    i love the dahlback golf..and a proud to the audi quattro because it came from other old era..

  16. astorey1990

    the thing with the golf is that its running same engine haha maybe rs2 but still comes from the same place :P love it.

  17. triathlete007

    That Audi needs some Stasis Engineering tracksports and some Powerflex bushings.

  18. keranzadon

    i want one :D

  19. StewieGriffinFTW

    the car dahlbäck is the fastest street racing car in the world =)

  20. Fiddler25

    I would like to drive that Golf!

  21. takzthenutter

    That DahlBack Golf is insane!

  22. 009isr

    dahlback the best!!!!

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