Test Drive Unlimited – VW Golf R32 Drive.

**WATCH IN HD** A three minute video in HD (hopefully) of me driving a VW Golf R32 up the North West coast of Hawaii.

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25 Responses to Test Drive Unlimited – VW Golf R32 Drive.

  1. keraynos1

    Hey guys i have a question about this game.TDU requires wheelhouse??Pls answer me!!

  2. l5vdi

    nice sound

  3. McLarenMercedes1907

    Best car me thinks in this game

  4. oOBYRNEOo

    hopefully the car sounds will sound like real life on test drive unlimited 2

  5. realsoundtracks

    hehe i like you man you drive with luck

  6. PS2Gameplays

    @jazzkutya He uses a Logitech G25 – at least it looks like it.

  7. 23SidNey23

    R32 got the same engine as A3 sportback..;)

  8. jazzkutya

    What steering wheel do you use?

  9. Empe1999

    Do you play on a controller?

  10. Fokkino

    cool drifts and the car a an dream :)


    Heh. Nothing ever sounds like the real thing on Test Drive Unlimited.

    Infact if I remember correctly the R32 on Test Drive Unlimited sounds exactly like the Audi A3 3.2 Quattro on Test Drive Unlimited.

    Not sure if it’s the same in real life.

  12. BakesR32

    Love the car and the handling… just a shame about the sound.. doesnt sound anything like an R32

  13. Alddahh

    just bought the R32, awesome for burnouts and drifting :) even with “Sport” as Driving-aid


    I never drive with Driving-Aids.

  15. Alddahh

    Drivin without Help? (i mean this drivehelp you can switch off in the menu)

  16. vyvynyl

    wish i could drive lik you man

  17. PKRchamp

    Nice driving skills! :D

  18. automobileman08

    Do you know when and if TDU 2 is coming out? This is already a top notch game but hopefully they will improve the engine sounds.

  19. jeffhardyfan42002

    mna,R32 sounds awesome I love this car

  20. andemannen1

    yea….. thanks


    Set the in-game screen resolution to 1280×720. Recorded using Fraps at 60fps.

    Used Sony Vegas to render the video as 720p for YouTube (Basically just leaving it at the same resolution, just compressing certain aspects of the video)

    Re-rendered in Windows Movie Maker to make the file alot smaller so it didn’t take long to upload to YouTube.

    That’s probably a long winded way but never mind.

  22. andemannen1

    nice how did you get this in so good quality?

  23. Imacoso

    this car is a mod?

  24. SeekerXYZ

    i heard that intel run better with nvidia 8800′s.. im stucj with an amd athlon. but you know.. s’all gurd..

    do yu play this online? if you do.. im seekerxyz if yu ever see me.. i’ve had to start from scratch. =[


    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (Stock)
    OCZ 2GB PC2-6400 RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 8800GT.

    I think I was just lucky when I recorded this. I usually get some form of lag/fps drops.

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