my chap bought me a brand spankin new vw golf yesterday, whats the best pressie you ever got bought?

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13 Responses to my chap bought me a brand spankin new vw golf yesterday, whats the best pressie you ever got bought?

  1. absoluteao

    its a tossup between my apple computer or my car

    hope this helps :)
    and if you get the chance, please leave comments or sign my guestmap, thanks :)

  2. Vickezo

    got to be a holiday

  3. Carry C

    My mom gave me a family heirloom ring before she died that is a Imperial Jade stone that has been handed down from my maternal side of the family for over 300 years. Pretty cool and damned priceless.

  4. pee_bag

    The best pressie I got… is a laptop from my folks. I’m still using it and it’s my life, my soul, my everything! (basically all my rubbish are inside, so I’m practically glued to it)

  5. Fast Eddie B

    It was a very wild night with four (yes, 4!!!) hookers at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.

    I’d just closed a big deal for a client and they were so ecstatic at the results I’d produced that they insisted I stay over one more night; little did I know how ecstatic they really were!

    Anyway, suffice to say, Bill Clinton wishes he’d been me that night – real sex instead of the juvenile oral stuff that he has so he look Queen Hillary the Great in the eye and tell her that “No, darlin’, I’ve not had sex since the last time with you (ugh!).”

  6. Jason Y

    I would say a trip to Singapore and a Plasma Tv.And that is both for good worlds to be into.

  7. abze36

    Once got a pair of socks and that’s about it
    some mean sods about.

  8. phlodgeybodge

    My daughter bought me a scooby doo dog figure last week. She’s three.

  9. pvphelp

    2005 Corvette for my birthday!!!!

  10. oadbywonder

    On my 40th i stayed up and got an extra inch

  11. LESLIE S

    a divorce

  12. Gerald S

    She pressie my pants.

  13. fellin1975

    A BJ!! man, am I still sore!!!

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