MotorWeek Road Test: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V

MotorWeek Road Test: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V

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25 Responses to MotorWeek Road Test: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V

  1. EFK1993

    @loudblazer I noticed that too. I think GM just likes to brag cause think about it how many random drivers can get a 0 to 60 in 3.9 secs

  2. loudblazer

    @Cadillac18Nate ive watched a lot of tests and have yet to see a 3.9 0-60. Most are 4.1-4.2. I bet i can do it in very ideal conditions. 3.9 is just a good number for commercials though, lol.

  3. loudblazer

    @GTO19020 the old V didnt use a LS3, The earlier ones used the LS6 and the newer ones used a LS2.

  4. blaboy2012

    if that engine was 32 valve just imagine how much more power it would have

  5. jipi0001

    GM is king

  6. 4MATICbenz

    @Greendude33 ,hmmm good point. Wasnt sure about when they were updatig the CTS-V and what improvements they had in store. Maybe CTS-V will keep its crown after all. Competition between the high-performance sedan class is getting very intense.

  7. Greendude33

    @4MATICbenz Look up the next gen CTS line it gets a revamped more refined and lighter chassis.

    And the V version is slated to get the new Dual clutch tranny from the upcoming C7 along with a new version of the new ls engine GM is developing.

    So if a heavy CTSV with a traditional transmission can beat the Germans imagine the next generation which will be lighter with a more advanced transmission.

  8. 4MATICbenz

    @Greendude33 , hehe nice comment.

    Not sure if it will hold true for too much longer. The new F10 BMW M5 is coming in a few monthes, and the Audi RS6 less than a year after that. We’ll see how much longer the CTS-V keeps its crown.

  9. Greendude33

    I haven’t seen the Germans get their ass kicked this bad since 1945.

  10. sirlonghair

    @GTO19020 your trying to sat LS8 and that would be an LS3 with a blower hello

  11. GTO19020

    @sirlonghair LOL this uses an LSA…not LS3 lol ur thinking of the old V

  12. ParisTNDude

    @Diddlen Diddien…you have no clue of what you’re talking about…I’ve had new GM cars since 1966 and not one of them have ever given me a single major problem. Unlike the new BMW I bought that was in the shop probably ten times in the first year with major problems. Oh, and an oil change cost $350. The 70,000 Mercedes service cost me over $1800.

  13. ParisTNDude

    @youlance29 If i had to live with just one car for the rest of my life it would have to be a CTS-V. It goes, it stops, it’s comfortable and it’s a man’s car!!! Damn, why am I not rich instead of so handsome!!! lol.

  14. sirlonghair

    @youlance29 LS3 is king

  15. youlance29

    CTS-V IS KING!!!

  16. maximusextreme

    @UFCextra Last time I checked the warranty means the company WILL fix it when it breaks, not that the car WILL NOT break during that time period. My friend has an ’04 CTS and it was in the shop with warranty work A LOT. I’m still skeptical when it comes to American cars. They were junk for a very long time until recently.

  17. Marc99GT

    @uberenthusiasts That was a really intelligent comment.

  18. uberenthusiasts

    @Marc99GT That is why poor people don’t buy Mercedes-Benzes moron.

  19. coandcaiv

    only car i have ever liked by caddy…..bought time they stopped making the ultimate turds….id still choose a vette though….the sex appeal is just far too much for my peter to say no too XD!!

  20. Marc99GT

    That is the biggest line of bullshit about MB cars I ever heard. I’m a former Mercedes Benz tech and my bay was never empty. I did warranty repairs on 5-7 cars a day. They are far from reliable and JD Power supports my claim. They are ranked below average while Cadillac, Buick, Lincoln & Mercury are near the top. We won’t even discuss maintenance costs or brake service. On AMG cars, a brake job would bankrupt most people in this post.

  21. UFCextra

    @Diddlen the word ” Warranty” means : They Guarentee your car WILL NOT break at all for 5 yrs/100K miles. Mercedes Warranty’s are 4 yr/50K Miles, Hence after 50k miles- they start to break overall unlike cadillac starts to break at 100K miles . My 90′s Cadillac is at 310,000 miles on it . no problems. Int./Ext, in Excellent condition

  22. Diddlen

    @UFCextra MB doesn’t need a 5 year warranty. Owned several MB’s (no problems) and more GM products. GM’s fall apart at exactly 18 months. Better get the extended warranty.

  23. UFCextra

    @Diddlen ya right benz has 4yr/50k warranty new vs cadillac 5 yr/100k warranty. clearly stating how a mercedez benz WILL fall apart before any cadillac.
    Plus this car ” EASILY out-classes it’s M and AMG rivals “….EASILY HAHAHAHAHAA Fuck Europe ain’t SHIT !!

  24. Diddlen

    I’d take the AMG any day. Same performance better resale, better reliability

  25. buttnut1080

    @Lantho650 That merc is built better and has better performance. You think that’s not true cuz the motor week guy said that then you’re wrong; he wasn’t even talking about the S65. Not only that but he was talking about the old E63 and M5; check out the new E63 and wait for the upcoming M5; both are of much higher quality and performance than the CTS-V

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