how far can I drive with grinding brake sound? (VW golf MKII 1985)?

I’m away for Christmas/New Year at the moment and it’s a problem to get this fixed here and now. I have a 300 mile drive home in a couple of days. Is that going to be OK (presuming I need new pads)?

The grinding sound just started yesterday.

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9 Responses to how far can I drive with grinding brake sound? (VW golf MKII 1985)?

  1. asseenfromoutside

    Sounds like your brake shoes have worn through to the rivets. If you continue to drive not only will your braking be effected but you will cause some damage to your cars brake discs and or drums.

  2. Greg P

    not very long; you should have your brakes checked asap

  3. J R

    brake pads are down to the metal backing so its metal to metal when the brakes are applied, eventually the discs will wear through and shatter,so it is common sense to drive nowhere while it is in this condition

  4. Stewart

    There is an indicator pad on your brake bads that is designed to sound terrible when your brakes are low, this is made of soft metal so it doesnt grind into your discs. I think your will be able to cover 300 miles easy. just make sure you get them changed.

  5. hornchurchmale

    do NOT drive at any distance or speed with such a noise. it indicates metal on metal and if it gets too hot? or brakes are applied heavily may cause it to have metal to metal bonding ( seize) this will be virtually instantaneous and has caused a few accidents in past . one guy has his car jerked into path of a lorry when his front brake seized causing car 2 be written off an d personal injuries.. to boot his insurance company refused to pay out so he lost car and still had repayments on HP to make etc.
    simply isn’t worth risking!! get them changed asap ( today) as if you were to have an accident ? any insurance company checking your car WILL find the brakes and a they are not being maintained ( a condition of your policy) then it will cancel insurance and any payouts and claims will eb down to you. not worth it to put off a few quid now. your car. your safety and passengers are not worth the risk. avoid comments such as ‘ it should be fine’ a these folk tend to have ideals not based in real world of legal and practical matters.

  6. EvelynThe ModifiedDog.

    I wouldn’t drive it further than the garage when it opens again on Monday.

    It sounds like the brakes are worn down to nothing and the car is dangerous to drive. All that needs to happen is for someone to suddenly walk out in front of you and you’ll have a death on your conscience for the rest of your life because you knew your brakes were faulty.

  7. Timbo is here

    By the time you get home you will also need new discs – that is if you make it with underperforming brakes.

  8. L G

    It does not always follow that the pads are down to the metal. Most brake discs when worn tend to throw up a “scaley” deposit on the outer edges (usually on the inner side) so it may well be that the pads have worn down to such an extent that this scale is creating the noise. However, assuming the pads are down to the metal, legally you should not drive the car as the brakes are defective and if you are involved in an accident blah blah, you dont need me to tell you ! It up to you if you want to risk it, if you do try paying more attention to your driving than usual and try to avoid the need for heavy braking.If you are doing 300 miles then much of it is likely M way where you will not even touch your brakes most of the time. Good luck .

  9. BriaR

    It is possible that the grinding sound is caused by a stone trapped in the caliper.

    But you should not risk driving it until you know. Get it into a garage before you drive any distance.

    If you cause an accident and someone gets badly hurt you could end up in jail. Is it worth the risk?

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