How easy would it be for a mechanic to replace a VW Golf MK4′s ignition barrel lock, door locks and boot lock?

I’m about to purchase a full VW Golf 1999 full lock set (second hand) this includes boot lock, door locks and ignition barrel lock from a salvage yard who dismantled a golf gti mk4.

It will come with 2 remote keys and I was wondering how much of a job it would be for a mechanic to fit these parts to my VW Golf GTi turbo (5 door 1999 model). I want to know if it is worth purchasing these parts.

The remote keys will need to be programmed with my car again. I think I found a company that do it for cheap anyway.

I’m just slightly worried about the car coming with 1 key. In the back of my mind I’m wondering where the other keys for the car are. The last owner said there was only 1. I just want to be on the safe side. Don’t want to wake up one morning and my car is gone. An audi I had in the past had 3 keys. 2 remote and 1 standard key. My last golf had 2 remote keys.

It’s either I change the locks or get a tracker installed. Even if I get a tracker installed I’ll still only have 1 key and if I was to loose that 1 day I would be in a mess.

Mechanics your advice would help me a lot right now. This car was purchased for commuting to and from uni. So i just want to sort out everything before I start in september.
The car has an immobilizer and alarm but if someone out there has the spare key. They could just walk up to the car and press the remote button to open the door and drive off with it.

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5 Responses to How easy would it be for a mechanic to replace a VW Golf MK4′s ignition barrel lock, door locks and boot lock?

  1. djave djarvoo 'djas originel

    If youre in good’ole rip off uk?…get a quote first I’ve heard of £400 plus bills for a all lock replacement!!!….

  2. Grainov Truth

    Take it to a locksmith and ask them. That is their speciality.

  3. Ceb

    Hope ths helps you…

    I own a garage, and if you came in, this is the following advice I would give you…
    1) If someone wants to steal your car, believe me they will, key or no key. There is some really sophisticated equipment out there nowadays and considering brand new mercs and BMW’s are stolen every day, I really don’t think changing the lock set is going to make an ounce of difference.
    2) Call your local VW dealer and give them your vehilce details. You may have to take your reg doc and/or ID in, but they will order you a replacement key to CHASSIS NUMBER. Your vehilce details are store on a database, national vehilce security register, and they will be able to get hold of your key number and have a new key made up for you which can be coded to the car. Keys are prob around £30-£50.
    3) Trackers are a good idea, but I beleive only 5% of my customers have one fitted to their vehilce, and one of my customers who did have their car stolen, never got it recovered…it just went missing. As your vehicle is a sought after one, I would invest in traditional route anti theft such as steering locks(or two!), Alarms, Immobilisers, etc. Theives hate to have to try too hard! (You can also disconnect certain wires/leads every night to completely disable the vehilce and make it harder to be stolen – google it!)
    4) Please dont bother with the whole replacement lockset. It could end up quite costly, and you cannot be sure the equipment is fully working or will last if bought second hand.

    I hope this helps you save money and gives you some peice of mind.

    Any more questions, just ask

  4. Spike H

    door locks and the boot lock are easy to change, they take literally five minutes to do, its the ignition switch which is the pain in the butt also you will need to have the key chipped to your ecu, which will cost in excess of £100, i’d personally leave the ignition switch alone

  5. turboextreme

    Sorry Locksmiths cant cut or re-program Vw keys unless you have the original black security tag which has all the code to re-program new keys so to have working remotes it will be a dealer only job.
    The dealer charges £90.00 for a remote key, they can also change the remote immobiliser code and program the key chips.

    Normally vw golf iv se or gti have 2 remote keys 1 valet key black plastic & thin black plastic key tag with security code.

    vw golf iv S model have 2 non remote keys 1 with a tourch & 1 valet key black plastic & thin black plastic key tag with security code.

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