How can I tell if my 2001 VW Golf 1.8T Mk 4 is a 150 or 170 bhp model?

The engine code is AUM

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9 Responses to How can I tell if my 2001 VW Golf 1.8T Mk 4 is a 150 or 170 bhp model?

  1. Hidden Dragon

    put the pedal to the metal, if you hit 150mph , its the 150bhp model….

    make sure you tell the POLICE your plans , that way you can SKIP court, just like the MANY other speeding Officers in the recent Headlines..

  2. andrewelliottjobs

    if you take your vin number and search online you should be able to find a website that will decode it for you, VW may even have such a sebsite. Also if you look in your owners manual it may say which engine belongs to which engine code. Also the drivers side door jam has some info on it, it could say the Hp but I doubt it.

  3. That bloke

    easiest way is to go on an insurance website or phone them up if you prefer & ask for a quote. Your registration number will bring up the exact model on the MID (Motor Insurers Database).

    its gona be difficult to judge only by the speed of it unless you know the Stig.

  4. Nick B

    Check the engine code. If its a AWW or AWD, then you have the 150hp 1.8T. If you have the AWP, then you have the 180hp version. The engine code is located on the cylinder head, just in front of the timing belt cover. If you have any other VW or 1.8T questons, email me:


  5. mokimoto

    if you have a manual transmission, the 180hp has a 6spd and the 150 hp has a 5spd.

  6. MichelleAkaMich

    In the United States, any mk4 (2001 and older) 1.8t is 150 horsepower. 2001 and older models have 150, while 2002 and newer have 180 horsepower. Thats the year that they upped the horsepower. I have 2002 with an AWP in my jetta and its 180 hp.

  7. mchaz60


  8. tiggy

    All Volkswagens have body/colour/engine coding information inside the spare wheel compartment, which includes engine power rating. Simply lift the boot base cover & check it out. It will usually be given in Kw, so 150HP=112Kw, and 170HP=127Kw.

  9. danny t

    rolling road or try main dealer they might tell u off chassis no

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