Ford Focus ST or VW Golf GTI – which is best and why??????

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10 Responses to Ford Focus ST or VW Golf GTI – which is best and why??????

  1. Joe M

    Ford is easier to fix, and parts are cheaper.

    I like the VW – a guy I work with has one, but he gets taken to the cleaners when he has to have it worked on (though I guess it helps that I do my own work).

    I just got an ’02 Focus ZX-3, 2.0 liter, 5-speed manual. It is pretty nice – excellent mileage, but has plenty of power when I need it. Handles great, and looks pretty decent.

  2. Just me........

    VW golf…….

    Imports last longer and get better fuel economy….

    Ford, = fix or repair daily……

  3. New Day...

    The GTi is the benchmark for hot-hatchbacks…the car does EVERYTHING well, not just one or two things.

    VERY balanced, quality, Made in Germany, good resale value, very safe, DSG programable tranny, race-car steering wheel, great interior, quiet interior, quality workmanship. Hard to beat for the money.

  4. tundra_12

    Both are junk, Buy North American instead. I think the ford is built Mexico or overseas but I could be wrong

  5. leighy6

    ford, fast

  6. texblueskypilot

    DON’T buy VW!

    A good friend of mine bought a Jetta, and it broke 4 times in 6 months! (Piece of JUNK!!!!!!)

    The dealer had to tow it 67 miles to get fixed, and he had to go get it when it was done (they wouldn’t return it to him)

    He had to go through the “Texas Lemon Law” to solve his problems, and he still lost about $3500 in lost value after it was all said and done. He now drives a Honda Accord.

  7. hsjs52303

    STAY AWAY FROM THE FOCUS!!!!! that is the best advice i can give you!! i have a focus and i pay more to get the thing fixed than i do paying for it each month!! VW is made better…. and i found out after i got my focus that they’re made out of cheap parts. thats why they are cheap! go ahead and pay a little more for the VW cause it will pay off later on down the road!!!

  8. sarah c

    i have a golf gti and i’ve got to say its the best car i’ve ever had its fast easy handling can throw it around and just doesnt care

  9. technical

    The Golf GTI the original hot hatch is the better, good quality German engineering, high residual values, fast, and corners as if it is on rails. If yo have the spare cash go one better Golf R32, 3.2 litre V6 engine need I say more.

  10. acsimmo

    mate i own a 56 plate focus st3 5 door and it is amazing, i used to own a seat leon cupra r 225 bhp and its way better than that.
    you get alot more for your money than a gti, ive been in nearly every hot hatch there is and there are none that come close to the st, i will be buying another one when i have had this one a year.
    make sure you get a st3, dont waste your money with anything else, in fact im selling mine in january ill give you a good deal if you want and its in black so its stunning

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