floor pan on rear nearside of vw golf full of water. any idea of source.?

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8 Responses to floor pan on rear nearside of vw golf full of water. any idea of source.?

  1. Knownow't

    Water anywhere in the interior is usually a sign of a badly fitted or rotted window seal…is it an old car…if not, then I have no idea.

  2. ascoile

    Heater matrix or aircon, come to mind.
    Are you losing water from radiator? If not that rules out radiator.
    Does it only occur when it rains? If so that leads to faulty door seals.

  3. r doug w

    check rear light seal,tailgate seal, strip out as much as you can, put someone in boot, and spray water on and around rear of car…

  4. Jay

    Oh boy. Sounds like your VW is down the drain!

    Many times, the drainage holes in your door can get clogged up, now I’m not sure about the whole floor pan unless it rained a lot that night, but you should check the bottom of the door and the sides. You may see little holes, nothing special, that water drains out of. If those are clogged with debris and dirt, then just take a paper towel and pipe cleaner and clean the hole out. The same goes for the trunk, which may be the cause of the water.

    Check around the windows, spray down the vehicle with water to see if any water leaks in, and check the rear tail lights (VW Golfs, the last few generations have been known for building up water in the tail lights, same for some BMW’s).

    Lastly, check the rubber seals around the doors and rear tail gate. If it’s corroded, you may have to replace or fix them, usually not a very complicated, expensive or daunting task.

    But otherwise, for such a large amount of water, I’d say it’s been leaking in through the roof. Simply check for any wet spots on the ceiling in the car, if there are any I’d say take any necessary steps.

    Good luck!

  5. L G

    The fault will undoubtedly be thin plastic seal behind the door trim. These get punctured/torn. Usually this happens when a ham fisted fitter puts a new glass in the door after theft or vandalism. It is a relatively easy DIY job for anyone who is fairly competent. Remove the panel, you will see several plastic clips attached to the metal door frame.You push the small plastic plug from the centre,it is about 3 or 4 mm diameter, push it fully through into the door then pull the outer part off. You will need to recover the plug for refitting.Remove all the old bits of plastic film. If you have bought a new one from a dealer you will see it has a removable film so you can stick it on the door.Otherwise, you can buy a spray adhesive and then make your own seal from a plastic rubble sack, you could use a bin liner(not my choice) something transparent is best.Having put it into position and stuck it, you need to refit the plastic clips you removed,they push into there respective holes and then the plug is pushed in until flush. Refit the door trim panel and the job is done.A cheaper way is to repair the original film if it is not too badly damaged.

  6. whitaxle

    Water finds its own level. The water may be coming in at the front and working its way back! The rear floor is always lowest. You don’t say what model of Golf you have.i.e Mk1/2 and so on.
    Early Golfs used a rubber seal on the windscreen whereas the later models had bonded screens. It could be either, can you be more specific?

  7. allen l

    Start with (if you have one) the rear edges of the sunroof seal. There is a drain off in there which is very easyily blocked,
    Top of the boot next (Check your spare wheel well for water too)
    Top of the door seals next, look for splits, tears and gunk build ups,

    If you dont find anything there take a look at uk-mkivs.net, there is an extensive forum covering this many times and its all free,

    Hope this helps

  8. ladybugewa

    if you have a sunroof, it could be that the sunroof drains are clogged
    or just seals

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