2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI Track Video

Inside Line’s testing team gets some surprising numbers out of the new 2010 VW Golf TDI. See more @: insideline.com

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25 Responses to 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI Track Video

  1. mindfield7

    I’ve owned this car about 9 months now and it makes me smile every day. Love it! 4DR 6Sp manual.

  2. lbryan250

    @birdflyinrealhigh pretty sure its a manual, DSG wouldnt accelerate that slow

  3. Supermassively

    @randomhero1172 Who gives a shit about CO2? Fuck Obama and his “green” bullshit.

  4. Supermassively

    @Howie262 Accelerate.

  5. basslover352

    niceee slalom speed!!!!!

  6. birdflyinrealhigh


  7. Jandor86

    hahahhahahahaaha the funniest video ever!!!!!!!!

  8. randomhero1172

    @JCrain03 Diesels are not cheaper to fix, coming from someone who owns 8 diesls. 7 trucks, 1 vw tdi. they are ALWAYS more expensive. diesel parts are always more heavy duty and more expensive no matter the source. you save a bit of money from high oil change intervals. they also DO NOT burn cleaner, they are about the same as a gas engine as far as co2 but are higher every where else. thats why you wont see a pzev rating on one anytime soon

  9. lbryan250

    @carsaregood911 i kinda thought they typed the numbers wrong or something, but if its real, this car’s more than worth its price.

  10. lbryan250

    The slalom run was soooooo impressive

  11. scooped13

    @Howie262 The pull you get at 1700 RMPs is crazy in these little engines.

  12. davenowood

    nothing beats the whistle of my turbo in my tdi. turbo diesel is an experience. i get it every day :)

  13. SRQshark

    All golf models handle like they’re on rails!!! just amazing even for how much the cars are

  14. ReligiousShooter

    @JCrain03 The tax credit is only $850 and you have to get the auto transmission. Go to VW dot com and check it out for yourself. Around here the cheapest diesel is $.30 more than the cheapest gas.

    But whatever… I ended up getting a Ford Fusion.

  15. JCrain03

    @ReligiousShooter right but most times diesel is cheaper and your forgetting the d engine is ezer and cheaper to fix and will last longer burn cleaner, then there is the 1700 dollar tax credit you get form owning one, there is your years fuel right there :)

  16. bubbabeau07

    @carsaregood911 NO SHIT!!! I’ve seen the new challenger do worse in the slalom, german engineering in the house YAHHHH

  17. Monukkha


  18. ReligiousShooter

    You can compare the bottom lines between the two. The buyer just has to figure out if the price difference is worth it.

    Right now VW the 2010 Golf gas has 0% financing, a $1K discount and the local dealers are discounting it. After getting prices for the 2, the real world difference works out to be about $7K+.

    Given that: the gas version is quicker, there r more gas pumps than there r diesel, & per CR the predicted reliability for the gas Golf is going to be better than the TDI (averge).

  19. mschrar

    hard to compare TDI to gas golf–

    1) They don’t offer the base trim with the TDI, so part of the $4700 difference is in option content other than the diesel engine itself.
    2) diesel is sometimes cheaper

    3)real mpg is higher than the epa rating on these cars

    4) resale is going to be much better on the TDI so the cost of ownership should take this into account if you don’t run the car ’till the very end.

    if anybody offers a small 50mpg diesel in a $17k car though, it would be a big hit.

  20. ReligiousShooter

    Right now the base TDI is $22,354 and the base gas version is $17,620. A $4,734 difference. In California right now regular gas is $3/gallon and diesel is $3.20/gal.

    I drive about 17K year. About 10K hwy and 7K city. So for fuel it will be $1509 a year for the TDI & $1955 a year for gas. I save $446 a year in fuel.

    $4,734/$446 = 10.6.

    In order for the TDI version to breakeven over the gas version it will take about 10.6 years worth of driving. Or 17Kx10.6 = 180,000+ miles.

  21. aaronchungrulez

    itts a fantastic piece of engineering, the TDI, but…eh, i dont think i could get used to that diesel diggadiggadigga…. il take a GTI :D

  22. fastalan


    and don’t forget about hill climb, these Golf/Jetta TDI can really pull. I blow away most cars driving up hill with ease. The Euro 2.0 CR TDI engine cars (GTD, Passat) have torque output similiar to E46 M3.

  23. fastalan

    It is very likely the MkVI chassis, the way VW rebuilt them in a different process, is somehow better than the MkV,a better barebone chassis always translate to better on road ride and handling quality.

  24. Darrksoul19

    at 0.56, the TDI sounds good ^^
    slalom was amazing, good job

  25. crazyfabio1

    very good choice

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