VW Camper Van Interiors

Follettmotors Aircooled Volkswagen Podcast #3 “Camper Van Interiors”. All about Volkswagen camper layouts and interior design. Features author Dave Eccles and camper refurbishment specialist, Calypso Campers. Listen to the podcast at www.follettmotors.com

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14 Responses to VW Camper Van Interiors

  1. hobknob333

    anyone got any footage on vw caravelle interiors

  2. GigiDeLaBulacea

    My belief is that it is best to make it good on the inside for road trips (many seats, speakers, fridge) and keep it subtle on the outside.

  3. Detoyato

    Im from the Philippines but I realy realy want to have a split camper they look beter than the bays and Vanagons

  4. mrzeldo

    im going to turn my 75 bay-windo into a camper

  5. seasideindian

    i’ve just had new panels and re-spray to the outside and looking for a web-site for the interior? any suggestions please

  6. ellie1011

    i got one its a split i agree for some reason they do look better

  7. leveltheland

    I’ve got to get one!

  8. psymon2005

    i’ve only got £1000 so itd need to be a shell :(

  9. follettmotors

    This coming week’s podcast – due out on Wednesday 28th – might be of interest. A step by step (dummies) guide “How to import a VW”. Seems most aircooled VWs coming out of US are still Splitties so this might be an option?

  10. psymon2005

    ive seen loads of bays for sale on the vzi forums, but id much prefer a split, they look better for some reason :)

  11. mantus00

    perfect cars i would like to have one but unfourtanetely i dont have :(

  12. follettmotors

    Thanks…but we couldn’t have done it without either David Eccles or Jon at Calypso Campers.

  13. airons1972

    some amazing interiors. makes me wish i had a van and was heading down to corwall. Nothing says ‘freedom’ like a VW camper van.

  14. cecilmor

    I dig the id almost as much as the tasty VeeDubs featured….A+++

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