Shagadelic 1973 VW Camper Bus for Sale

Visit to see this shagadelic VW camper bus for sale from Sunset Classics. Decked out in the original 1970′s colors. Originally a Safare Camper, Z-bed rear seat folds into bed. Price just lowered to $3995 give me a call and drive her home. Contact John Snell at 612-805-2428 to buy the bus.

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13 Responses to Shagadelic 1973 VW Camper Bus for Sale

  1. IKrazyIKenn

    @VintageSC73 Awesome, dude :D

  2. VintageSC73

    @IKrazyIKenn I’m sure we will be but I’ll always be a VW bus fan so you can look me up in a few years – I’ll find you a nice one. :)

  3. IKrazyIKenn


    I’m 14 and live in ireland.

    When I’m 18 I’m going to try my best to get one of these with a bed or two in it.

    So I hope you keep running your site for another couple of years. :D

  4. VintageSC73

    @PSNmfritsch2 Yes she just sold this past week – we do get buses in all the time though at various price levels so keep checking the site (sunsetclassics)

  5. PSNmfritsch2

    is it sold?

  6. VintageSC73

    @mpool33 This bus is located in Minneapolis Minnesota – full details, photo galleries and more vids can be found at the link in the description.

  7. mpool33

    where are u selling this from?

  8. VintageSC73

    @helloimvanessa You’d sure look mighty nice behind the wheel I’m sure – and I just lowered the price to $3995 – kapow just like that – so give me a call and we’ll see what we can do, for you, but not while I’m on the loo. :)

  9. helloimvanessa

    ugh i want this car with every ounce of my being… im going to try and convince my father.

  10. VintageSC73

    First $4500 take her home to mamma. Full details can be found at the link in the description – or just call me John at 612-805-2428. (you can call me Nancy but I won’t answer)

  11. mariijanejaniss

    How much and/or where to contact for more info.!?!?!!

  12. MrCraigary123

    i will buy!!!

  13. SnakebitesBaby579

    aaw this guy is cute :3

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