Does anyone know of a website with a price guide for used VW camper vans?

Looking to buy a vw campervan, and have been trying to find a price guide without any luck…is there one out there any where?

The camper i am looking at is a 1982 air cooled devon conversion camper with 10 months MOT which is in reasonable condition (no show winner, but serviceable with no major mechanical or rust issues)

any help appreciated!

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3 Responses to Does anyone know of a website with a price guide for used VW camper vans?

  1. art warrington

    yes theres UK auto trader on line, or kellys book,or the trade bible , GLASSES GUIDE

  2. honey

    To be honest there dosn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason with the pricing you just get used to what seems reasonable and what dosn’t. – however here are a few websites for you to look at. But please be aware some people think that their camper is worth more than it actually is.

    Also there is a magazine called Volksworld which has several different versions including Volksworld camper and bus. These are available from places like WH Smith in the specialist magazine section. i have used these sites along with ebay in order to purchase campervans in the past.

    Good luck

  3. bill f
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