rotary beetle 12A engine QVWC

Having some fun with my old proyect a 12A rotary engine 64 beetle. Doing some donuts in “Las Americas racing circuit” in Dominican Republic.

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25 Responses to rotary beetle 12A engine QVWC

  1. domyalexGT

    Congrats my bro! That’s awesome!!!!

  2. proudbugowner

    @2007dalin you need the kennedy adaptor

  3. 2007dalin

    does a 12a bolt onto the factory transaxle?

  4. averagejoe132

    thats awsome love how people put rotas in anything

  5. karaloca

    I would bet that there are still a few running about in DR though. You have to respect the Dominican ability to keep old motors running! Great viddy.

  6. kbuby08

    lol, no it’s not one of the SIM’s car because they where all prior 1962.

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. karaloca

    Could be one of Trujillos – his SIM used Beetles.

  8. RogueLife420

    yo dude do i gotta have a rotary to get that nice sound? Or what exhaust do you got on that beast. Tell me please

  9. simonrex55

    yes check out rotary porsche mine is the one thats black and yellow. just removed the 13b and going with a 12a for simplicity and clean bay

  10. fencarnacion

    From Dominican Republic :)
    Kbuby good Job

  11. kbuby08

    For a “very fun” bug a N/A 12A is enough for me it have a 465 doble pump holley carb with a racing beat manifold, custom made exhaust system and a LSD tranny, that’s it.

    it have around 120hp.

    For a 912 a 13B TII it’s grat because it’s heavier that the beetle and the extra hp should makes it scream!.

    I’m trying to find a engineless old 911 and do something like wath you have.

    I want to use a T03/04 Hibrid turbine with it.
    Thxs for the interest.
    Do you have any videos of your 912?

  12. simonrex55

    hey bud, i have a 912 with a 13bt II, but looks lke a 12a all you need. whats the HP on the beetle, and what mods do you have? thanks

  13. rollzon20z

    thats were your wrong the rotary was originally a german design so now its genocidal

  14. rajanbj

    Do you anymore video clips of the car ?
    I love to hear it idling near the end of the video. Very cool.

  15. veltpak6

    right on! Nazi-mobile with a non-genocidal engine :D

  16. spanishboogie

    hi there! i have a 65 bug with a 1973 13B 4port.
    HOW DID U RUN THE ELECTRICAL? i have brand new vw wireharness still in packaging. any feed back would be appreciated

  17. kcmonoxide

    This is awsome! do have a any advice or pics that could assist me with a similar project ? Must have rotary beetle… must mave rotary beetle…

  18. tiemour

    very niiiiice 5*

  19. kbuby08

    Yep it comes out of a 1985 rx7. the engine is a 12A n/a, and those engines dont give any trouble at all (use a holley carb kit its better that the factory carb and more simple), 13A turbos are the ones that give some trouble but if you have the right person to work with your engine they work like magic.

  20. dredgies

    is the engine out of a mazda rx7? do these engines give much trouble and do they cost alot to put right

  21. kbuby08

    To get the engine there? NONE!
    Just get a KEp adapter to get the tranny and the engine together and thats it!

    It fits better than the original one (easier to change spark plugs to). Now get the engine running thats another story…

    Put a radiator where the spare tires goes (some cutting is necesary to make it breath), redone the wiring harness, urethane bushings and straps for the tranny. Thats just the basics, after that you need to do a lot of more thing but it worth it!!

  22. dredgies

    did you have to do much modification to the bug to get the engine in?

  23. soultronx10


  24. kbuby08

    Thanks man!

    The silencer it’s a tanabe but dont know the model and the hole exhaust it’scustom. I made it myself. if you send me your e mail i’ll send some pictures to you.

  25. jfra8

    dude, this sounds sweet. What exhaust you got on this?

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