JERRY DAVICH: Mill employees create their own Make-a-Wish for dying co-worker

You wouldn't think a beat-up 1970 Volkswagen Beetle would be an apt representation for this kind of an existential philosophy. But this concept is staying place into overdrive by a group of US Steel mill workers. When the guys in the mill's 14 Blast Furnace …

I have a 71 vw beetle.
Not as well fond of driving a stick.
I have a 71 vw beetle.
Im not also into the whole stickshift thing.
Along with my question…How a lot would converting it around be?

Solution by Rob
They make or made an auto-stick for the older bugs. Could be tricky to find one. Just have to google until finally you uncover what you are searching for.

We compare the design of the all-new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle to that of the authentic icon. Shot by: Duane Sempson Edited by: Duane Sempson

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19 Responses to JERRY DAVICH: Mill employees create their own Make-a-Wish for dying co-worker

  1. 1112223333111

    new bug sucks, I’d pick the old one? anyday

  2. coolakiIlen007

    21 million just isnt enough, make more mk1 beetles!! my aunts husband? has a mid 60′s sitting on their yard wasting itself!

  3. espectro2n

    @desertsoldier81 Right but? i don’t know i think that the new Bug is just ugly

  4. 777User

    Nice car, but i prefer to go to? my work with my 1979.

  5. desertsoldier81

    @espectro2n I own a 68 KGhia and a 72 Beetle, and lets be honest the new car is superior in every way. It will outhandle, out accelerate an old beetel and gets better fuel economy. You don’t have to adjust valves, adjust Carbs, wait an hour for the heater to warm up and instead of an electric fan you actually get AC. The original Beetle had a 12000 mile warranty, this one has a 60,000mile warranty and if adjusted for inflation? the new one is cheaper. The new is about 60 years more superior.

  6. espectro2n

    Let’s be clear. The old Bug is just amazing it’s just an Symbol. But let’s be honest, the new one is a PIECE? OF SHIT.

  7. vik76mx

    The used to make old bugs to last, my 69′ autostick has the original engine,? interior etc. No rattles. You should see my 06 jetta…………..rattles all over. Everything now is made to be disposable. Manufacturers claim it’s green tech lol….

  8. ninjabob52

    They should have just left the engine, transmission, & drive wheels in the back. Using a 2L version of the Subaru water cooled boxer 4, with an exhaust that makes the nostalgic? tweet we all expect a beetle to make. THEN I could without flinching accept the new aesthetics. That would feel like a modernized type 1. Done in this fashion I’ve laid out here, they should replace the Toureg with a re done type 181 safari(Thing).

  9. lavalizard3

    As with all companies, they took an amazing design and made it boring.

    I miss the aesthetic? detail work they used to put into car designs. :-

  10. FacelessNemesis

    Looks nice but ill stick? with my ’73

  11. ghostguy15

    Old bugs weere and always are the bomb!?

  12. 51dumbdumb

    VW? just did too well of a job, the original can never be beaten

  13. ya0sef

    old? beatle is nicer

  14. oxxxArkanxxxo

    Driving an old beetle ’66 is a lifestyle, like choppers. It’s easyriding, it’s calming, the sound of the engine a warm embrace, knowing it’s a strong car with its limits you have to manage it gently, with care. I am always amazed how when I let My friends ride My car the make it cough and refuse almost to respond. It takes skill and love to own and drive a car as the old beetle. The new one, anyone can step in and make it go, it’s? for toddlers ;)

  15. mindfield7

    God, that green 52 is just beautiful!
    I do? like the new Beetle in gray though I still love my Golf TDI.

  16. TtechnoForeverr

    old=? gold

  17. ethanvid

    Porsche kept the motor in the rear. Why can’t VW?? At least with the E Bugster. Until VW sobers up and gets their taste back, I’ll just stick to driving my air cooled Beetle (witch is still on the road as a daily driver). Just sayin

  18. cometazo


  19. thejoshno

    Wtf he new version is sexy from a guys point of? view!!! That old rounded piece of shit you guys called a car is ugly to say the least

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