1.8t beetle 1/4 mile

vw beetle 1/4 mile

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14 Responses to 1.8t beetle 1/4 mile

  1. 18vwT

    that was cool. i also drive a beetle 1.8T and people give me crap all the time, but when that light turns green they are lookin at the tail lights.. good vid. :)

  2. hellcat320

    still a beetle.

  3. hellcat320

    us honda guys swear by it. Power2weight FTW!

  4. MegaRatapeluda

    beetles = badass

  5. drgnzadiel101


    the mustang was a womans car to begin with haha!

  6. tagteam5233

    I drive a 1.8 turbo beetle and that car hauls ass!

    but damn its anoying how much crap i get for driving a bug.

    Get over it and quit being ass holes you stupid dodge ram driving dicks lol

  7. IronTrooper

    Wow, a bike?

    Don’t compare bikes to cars idiot…

    and don’t insult a car that can beat whatever car you have

  8. affirefighter12

    if you want a good power to wieght ratio, get a sports bike like a real man. Quit it with this chick beetle stuff.

  9. h33llo

    just FYI to novice racers like me, power to weight ratio is the key! Its not all about the HP sometimes! I got a 1960 bettle with 220 HP and its a FAST ONE!

  10. zeusenergy

    Yep- I drive a 1.8T beetle with a little extra boost and yes, it’s quite fast alright! At 13 PSI it will keep up with a LOT of sports cars. At 16 PSI, I have a hard time controlling the power!!! :0)

  11. sledge0001

    I know the feeling I ran a 1/8 mile against a SVT with my 1.8t Chipped and he ran a 9.73 and my beetle ran a 10.17 (tiptronic trans!) He had me from the start and wouldn’t race me again after that!!

  12. XKoRnX169

    let me tell you i drive a Beetle 1.8T… and i NEVER lose to Mustang GT’s…

    and they always say the same…

    how the fuck did i lose to a beetle…


  13. Modaddy16

    Ha, this was just a test & tune session at the local strip and unfortunately my camera sucks too much to zoom in and see the actual times…did look pretty close though!

  14. praetorian2150

    wait did i just see a beetle take out a mustang gt?

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